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Indoor LED displays

Giant screen displays, also known as window displays, have been designed to energize your sales areas and showrooms or to be placed behind the windows and spread a message from the inside to the outside.

Their original format allows them to fit perfectly in sales areas and will be perfect to highlight your products thanks to their elegance and design.

With TVTools, you can control your giant LED screens as simply as with a conventional monitor.

Spectacular indoor giant screen Centro

CentrO, Oberhausen, Düsseldorf, is the most visited shopping centre in Germany, with more than 25 million visitors per year. More than 250 shops are spread over 2 floors.

Giant Screens Forum des Halles

The Forum des Halles is one of the largest shopping centres in France. In 2017, more than 33 million visitors visited this shopping mall. Totally renovated, it houses an outstanding shopping mall and a train station, making it a central location for Parisian activity.

Giant Screens Auchan Luxembourg

At the beginning of 2019 in the heart of Luxembourg , Ceetrus opened its new Auchan concept in Luxembourg centered around the consumer experience thanks to the digitalization and the implementation of innovative supports and giant LED screens.

Transparent screen on elevator

The client Auchan has carried out a renovation of its Kirchberg shopping mall in Luxembourg. In the heart of the shopping centre, a square called « La Croisée » allows access to the upper levels via a large glass lift. An 80% transparent screen is installed on a glass lift, creating a digital surface while maintaining visibility.

Outdoor LED displays

Equipped with the latest technology, outdoor LED displays allow the creation of customised outdoor screens with no format limit.

They are the only ones on the market to have the preventive maintenance system LLD (Long Life Display), which allows the display to maintain luminous uniformity throughout its lifetime.

A brightness of up to 8000 cd/m² ensures exceptional readability in all weather conditions.

They are equipped with an intelligent brightness management system, allowing an average consumption in operation of 130 W / m².

Giant screen and cinema showcase screen

Established in Paris for more than 40 years, the network of Cinémas MK2 has more than 10 cinemas.

Circular screen at the Exhibition Centre

As part of its renovation, the Paris Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre wished to set up a unique digital monument: with a diameter of 40m, this giant circular 260m² Pitch 8mm LED SMD Black face screen is used to guide and entertain the very large audience.

Giant screens Auchan Luxembourg

A 215m² corner outdoor giant screen visible from the main road axis

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